The Upholsterer is responsible for the maintenance and conservation of the vessel’s upholstery, carpets, wallpapers and other related elements.


  • Free food & accomodation (2 people per cabin)
  • Perfect chance to travel the world
  • Work in Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. named one of the Top-Rated Workplaces
  • Enjoy activities for crew (gym, social activities, crew events, etc)
  • Earn recognition and career advancement opportunities


  • He is responsible for the maintenance and repairs of furniture in both the crew and passengers’ areas. Wallpapers, awnings, carpets and other decoration items are within the range of his responsibilities.
  • He is responsible for the inventory and control of all fabrics and material related to this field. Prompt requisitions are essential for the smooth operation of the vessel.


  • Can speak intermediate English
  • The Upholsterer shall be an experienced craftsman.
  • He shall have a high knowledge in sewing, carpeting, wallpapering, textiles and other related topics.
  • He should have basic safety training before employment.

Last updated: March 18, 2021

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