The Incinerator Operator shall carry out the work orders given by Incinerator Technician.


  • Free food & accomodation (2 people per cabin)
  • Perfect chance to travel the world
  • Work in Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. named one of the Top-Rated Workplaces
  • Enjoy activities for crew (gym, social activities, crew events, etc)
  • Earn recognition and career advancement opportunities


  • The Incinerator Operator(s) will maintain and clean incinerator room, machinery, pulper system, and cold storage room for processed garbage.
  • They shall, during operation, continuously monitor the operation of the incinerator and related equipment to ensure safe and proper operation.
  • Garbage sorting of glass, metal tins, and aluminum cans. Metal tins shall be compacted and stored in the Cold Garbage Store Room. Glass is processed in crushers and stored in the Cold Garbage Store Room Aluminum cans shall be compacted and bagged for recycling at designated ports and shall also be stored in the Cold Garbage Store Room.
  • Log times when pulper system has been cleaned
  • At a minimum, change water in pulper systems daily. For systems where pulper water changes continuously, refer to the technical water fill flow meter once a day to ensure that a complete change of water has taken place. If not, adjust flow accordingly.
  • Wash and rinse:
  1. Floor - specialattention to corners.
  2. Wash basin and stairways.
  3. Keep all sensors free of dirt.
  4. Garbage Cold Storage Room.
  5. Plastic containers/garbage bins.


          • Good level of English
          • Relevant experience

          Last updated: March 18, 2021

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