Those assigned to this position shall work with superiors and subordinates to understand and comply with the company's environmental policies and be committed to safeguarding the environment. He shall directly and immediately inform his immediate superior if any environmental system does not function properly.


  • Free food & accomodation (2 people per cabin)
  • Perfect chance to travel the world
  • Work in Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. named one of the Top-Rated Workplaces
  • Enjoy activities for crew (gym, social activities, crew events, etc)
  • Earn recognition and career advancement opportunities


  • The wipers would participate in keeping the engine spaces and related areas clean and tidy at all times, including washing. They should also be able to participate in maintenance work, particularly related to sanitatizing equipment, under supervision.
  • The wiper is responsible for the cleanliness, sanitization, and elimination of pests in the garbage area, garbage cold storage room, and cooking oil tank room.
  • Monitor and Operation of the incinerator plant and all related equipment, including ash vacuum transport and packaging system. Also maintains and cleans the incinerator room and pulper room machinery spaces. The wiper will report any issues or conditions to the engineer or duty.
  • Ensures all garbage handling equipment such as shredders, conveyers, compactors, incinerators, refrigerators for garbage, pulper system, drains, pumps and pipes are in good working order and in an operational condition at all times. If inoperative, reports condition to the assigned Engineer. Also ensures that all garbage handling equipment and decks in the garbage area are clean, sanitized and painted at all times.
  • Changes the water in pulper systems daily and log times when water has been changed and when the system has been cleaned.
  • Keeps all sensors, firefighting equipment as well as all the environmental machinery free of dirt.
  • At the completion of the segregation operation, wash and rinse all the plastic containers and the garbage bins that are in the area
  • Performs washing and painting jobs in the waste handling areas, painting at the accommodation areas, as well as participates in maintenance work as directed by superiors.


    • Good level of English
    • Must have practical knowledge of incinerator equipment operation.
    • Previous experience with passenger ships or any other ships 400 GT or higher capacity is preferred
    • Must hold a completed firefighting training, life saving training, life-boatman certification, certificate and completed personal responsibilities under emergency circumstances training for passenger ships in accordance with STCW 95 for seafarers.

    Last updated: May 4, 2021

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