This is happening! Virgin Voyages announces ONLINE INTERVIEW IN FEBRUARY 2021.

Virgin Voyages provides just amaaaazing conditions:

  • Work on board brand new company vessels Scarlet Lady or Valiant Lady
  • Be a part of special Virgin Voyage’s lifestyle and philosophy and grow together
  • Contract length - 4-6 months for most positions, for entry positions - 7 months
  • Free food and accommodation on board
  • The employer is going to provide or reimburse expenses for the following:

* STCW certification

* Joining tickets

* Pre-Employment Medical Examination (PEME)

* Necessary Visas

* Joining expenses, such as transfers, hotel accommodations, subsistence

The Gig:

The horticulturist’s primary responsibility is to perform horticultural maintenance of both interior and exterior plants with care and efficiency to ensure the highest level of plant health, visual quality to enhance the guest experience.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Watering plants after evaluating moisture level of soil
  • Monitoring nutrient levels of soil and replenishing nutrients as needed
  • Keeping all plants clean, trimmed, and oriented to proper light
  • Maintaining staging and top dressing for proper presentation
  • Removing all damaged and unsightly foliage using scissors, pruners, handsaws and other small tools
  • Removing debris from planters and maintaining planters in a neat and orderly manner
  • Preventing damage to surrounding floors, walls, merchandise, and furniture
  • Keeping plants free from disease and insects
  • Inspecting and Diagnosing pests and disease
  • Implementing appropriate treatment to remedy for pests and disease
  • Maintaining overall operation of the irrigation system on open deck planters
  • Programming irrigation controller for proper watering schedules
  • Identifying plants with both common and botanical names
  • Identifying nursery pot sizes and plant height
  • Maintaining and accurate inventory of plants by name and location
  • Reporting failed plants in need of replacement
  • Installing replacement plants as needed

    Super Powers Required:

  • Communication skills: both internal and with guest interaction
  • Problem solving skills: to diagnose plant health issues and determine best course of action
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Ability to work independently
  • Time management skills: to prioritize and accomplish all work within a predetermined time period
  • Organizational skills: to systematically schedule and prioritize workload
  • Ability to work within teams and help support a positive healthy team environment
  • Ability to work well with structure and schedules but fluid enough to change direction with little notice to troubleshoot issues as they arise

What Matters to Us

At Virgin, your personality matters as much as how good you are at what you do. We want you to bring it to our hang out spot and help make the place even better. So, we won’t be surprised to hear that when people talk about you they say you are clever, on top of it, able to think ahead, intuitive, passionate and someone people respect and enjoy working with because you make things happen.

Last updated: JANUARY 10, 2021

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