This is happening! Virgin Voyages announces ONLINE INTERVIEW.

Virgin Voyages provides just amaaaazing conditions:

  • Work on board Scarlet Lady or brand new company vessel Valiant Lady
  • Be a part of special Virgin Voyage’s lifestyle and philosophy and grow together
  • Contract length - 4-6 months for most positions, for entry positions - 7 months
  • Free food and accommodation on board
  • The employer is going to provide or reimburse expenses for the following:

* STCW certification

* Joining tickets

* Pre-Employment Medical Examination (PEME)

* Necessary Visas

* Joining expenses, such as transfers, hotel accommodations, subsistence

    The Gig:

    The Security Guard is responsible for Security\Safety rounds and gangway access security. The Security Guard is under the supervision of the Security Officer and Supervisors while acting as the Response Guard, while on safety rounds or while standing gangway security.

    Essential Responsibilities:

    • The Security Staff member shall be familiar with the Safety Management System including his\her responsibilities in the Safety Organization according to the Emergency Plan.
    • The Security Staff member shall be familiar with all duties regarding the safety rounds and the gangway security; including X-ray and Metal detection screening, Patdown and Handwanding, Trace detection and access control.
    • The Security Staff member will relay his/her observations to their designated Supervisor preserve the safety of the sailors, the crew and the vessel.
    • During Safety Rounds the Security Staff member shall always be alert and follow the designated procedures. He may be the first person to arrive at the scene of an incident or a fire, and will have to assess a situation and act accordingly until help arrives.
    • The Security Staff member shall familiarize themselves on the use and location of all safety related equipment.
    • The Security Staff member is otherwise instructed to be an additional spotter around the vessel for any type of problems, either sailor, crew or ship related. The Security Staff member shall report immediately any unusual incidents to Security Officer. He shall also report if any abuse of ship's property or abuse of Shipboard regulations if any are/have taken place.
    • At times, the Security Staff member will be acting as a dedicated “response guard” and will report to the bridge OOW and will respond to alarms, events or situations as instructed by the bridge.
    • He/she shall be familiar with the procedures of solving sailor complaints.
    • Additional routines and work as assigned by supervisor.

    Super Powers Required:

    • At least 2 years recent experience in Physical Security\Military\Law enforcement
    • Knowledge of Physical security and access control
    • Valid STCW certificates for this position
    • Good communication/social skills
    • Strong character
    • Solid professional work ethics
    • Well-tempered and well mannered
    • Previous experience in cruise ship security - preferred
    • Fluent English

    Last updated: SEP 16, 2021

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